Monster 8,3 oz - COLLECTIBLE (USA)

Monster 8,3 oz - COLLECTIBLE (USA)

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BBE: multiple dates from 11/15 to 07/16


All cans will be protected by bubbles and packing tubes!

Caution: The can has scratches, please follow pictures to see the condition of the can!

5*/5 star: Can has no dents to micro dents usually caused in bottling plant.

4*/4 star: Can has some little dents that are usually seamless or completely out of front side.

3*/3 star: Can has medium dents that are visible.

2*/2 star: Can has notable visible dents.

1*/1 star: Can has large and really visible dents.

All claims regarding the expiry date will be rejected according to sodasbymk terms and conditions.

SKU: 0514
Manufacturer: Ball

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