Frequently Asked Questions

Do all packages come with tracking number?

Yes! Expect "priority untracked" for NZ, Paraguay and Reunion all packages can be tracked with a tracking number!


How long does it take to ship my order? 

Mostly 2-3 business days, that can be always faster!


Can I preorder?

No, we don't do preorders!


How much is the shipping and how long it takes to deliver?

Basically the most asked question. Checkout shipping costs table for delivery costs.


Why are some prices high?

The main goal of sodasbymk is to get people interesting drinks and snacks (in the future) so they can travel the world at home. Some prices are high even though we are trying to keep the prices lowest as possible. For example the Monster Dragon Iced Tea from Brazil. Sometimes it's just not possible. Check out the blog post from Desert Drinks as they described why is it so expensive sometimes.


How do I track my order and I think it stuck somewhere...

Most EU orders are being shipped with To track your box please use this link or check your email and track it directly. You'll see a menu with details like who is the sender, what's the order number or if you have to pay cash on delivery (we don't support that unless you're located in the Czech Republic or Slovakia), Carrier or Pickup point you chose. In case of pickup point delivery, you will see the branch address. You can follow to details which are right under and you can track your parcel.

When your order we have to generate a label that will create also a tracking number. The first thing in the tracking is always:

DATE We have received electronical information about the package.
  • That means that your order has come thru and will be delivered soon.
DATE Package has been consigned at Praha 2, I. P. Pavlova, Vocelova 9.
  • That means that your order is shipped. We use three pickup points. Praha 2 - I.P.Pavlova, Praha 8 - Čimice and Příbram Tabák Traficon

Package has been collected by the driver and is on its way to the depot.

  • When you see this you are already one step ahead of having your order delivered!
DATE Package has arrived at depot Praha, U Arborky 696.
  • Packeta/zásilkovna depot. In the Czech Republic, it's mostly going to be delivered the next day. In Slovakia, Hungary 2-3 days and in Romania up to 5 business days. In Europe, it has one more stop to go.
DATE Package has arrived at depot Praha-Vysočany, Spojovací 783/41.
  • When your box arrives here it means that it is really close to you. This is the outward depot. When dispatched it has left the country and is on the way to you. This is also when you should follow the external tracking number provided in the Packeta tracking.
  • If the tracking doesn't update but it took over 2 or even more days it's just somewhere between the Czech Republic and your country.
  • Please note that post offices and postal services don't work on weekends and holidays.

When it comes to orders outside the EU or orders bigger than 10 kg it's being shipped by national Czech Post, DPD or GLS. All of these carriers have their own tracking service and it's being updated in every country where the box goes through.


I've been searching for this product but you don't sell it, can you?

Depends on what the product is and what's the product's availability. If it's interesting we can try to get it.