Operation of Sodasbymk.com

Action „Support Ukraine“

We resumed services to Ukraine! All orders no matter what size are being shipped FREE OF CHARGE! We want to support all Ukrainians in any term possible. You can shop for Ukrainians as well. Special terms of conditions are applied: Full refund available if the package is lost or destroyed.

We also want to introduce our new way of support called „Help a Ukrainian“. You can participate by donating food, drinks or money and we will send it to people in need. Please if there is someone who may need food, water and anything needed to survive please let us know on our instagram or support email: support@sodasbymk.com

Also if you want to donate anything let us know as well on contacts mentioned above.

If you want to donate you can also buy Ukrainian chocolates „Roshen“.

Українці! Вся наша команда підтримує вас і підтримує вас і всю націю, наскільки це можливо. Слів було достатньо, а тепер ми хочемо допомогти вам діями та подарунками. Тому від сьогодні (до подальшого повідомлення) всі поштові відправлення в Україну безкоштовні. Якщо вам потрібна допомога, напишіть нам. Ми з Вами разом! Ми любимо тебе Україно! ❤️

Current service restrictions:

Because of the current situation in Ukraine and sanctions Russia eyes, we were forced to stop operation in following countries:

  • Ukraine In terms of action "Support Ukraine" we deliver to Ukraine again!
  • Russia
  • Belarus

We are currently working to resume our service in these countries mentioned above. 

Operation delays:

Shipments to following countries: India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam will be delayed up to 28 business days. 

Shipments to Australia and New Zealand can be due the lack of airplanes operating between Europe and Oceania (continent) delayed up to 3 months!